I have listed some resources that you may find helpful as you search for information about psychotherapy and psychological issues. Please note that whereas I do recommend these sites, I am not responsible for their content. Please click on the blue links below to go directly to a site. Doing so will take you away from my website. Scroll down for self-help recovery group websites.

American Psychological Association
This link leads to APA's "public" site, which contains lots of information on various mental health topics.

APA Help Center
This site has more resources on when to seek help, how a psychologist can help, and information on various topic areas such as stress, family and relationships, and the mind/body connection.

Bay Area Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs
At this site, you will find a description of MBSR and local listings of programs.

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention
This is the official website for the University of Washington's Addictive Behaviors Research Center on MBRP.  Here you can learn more about MBRP, and download mindfulness practices related to the MBRP program.

National Institute of Mental Health
Here you'll find general information on mental health, including recent news and events.

Mental Help Net
Very large mental health site with over 3,000 sources of information.

Mayo Clinic
Great website covering overall health.

Recovery from drugs and alcohol is often most successful when you have support. The following are the major recovery support groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Buddhist Recovery Network

Smart Recovery

Life Ring

Women for Sobriety